Danvan Micro 100

Danvan Micro 100 Fertilizer Mixer

Micro 100 Fertilizer Mixer is for the greenhouse grower who wants control of EC and pH to perfection by the build-in mixing tank and a reliable venture system.
Precise EC- and pH-values gives results and better products. Better products and prices, actualizes hopes and dreams.

Increase your production and achieve profit from our fertilizer mixer.

Do you already own an irrigation automat, then you can easily wire it to our Micro 100, or the Mini 110 will suit it perfectly. The Micro 100 is delivered with pumps in different sizes depending on the capacity demand, but it is always with the same reliable hardware and precise software. The Micro 100 can yield up to 12 m3/hour.

Simple, safe and reliable
The Micro 100 is developed for the gardener that does not need the advanced fertilizer mixer, without having to compromise the quality.

The Micro 100 offers both accuracy and reliability, usually only found with more sophisticated, higher priced controllers. The Micro 100 is developed with aim for dependable, user-friendliness and price level.

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