Design and installation of the automation for Võiste Aiand

Design and installation of the automation for Võiste Aiand

Võiste Aiand (OÜ Weiss Aiand) is a family enterprise that mainly grows tomatoes in greenhouses covering almost a hectare. Presently, almost 0.5 hectares of the greenhouses’ area have been automated. The automation of Võiste Aiand is controlled by Priva’s latest state-of-the-art system ‘Compass’ and the pH of the irrigation water is treated by a pH stabiliser (pH 7.0) developed by TaMi Automatics to achieve the most suitable level for growth. 

In the event of a failure in any of the systems (boiler house, water filters, fertiliser unit, climate, pH stabiliser), the GSM SMS alarm controller sends a corresponding failure notice to the predefined contact person. Grodan Grosens and TaMi GrowSmart sensors are used to measure root zone and overwatering parameters (%, EC, WC, and temperature).

In addition, a special Priva weather station, which ensures that both the indoor climate and the irrigation in the building are precisely controlled, has been installed in Võiste Aiand. 

All prototypes of the products created by TaMi Automatics are tested in realistic conditions at Võiste Aiand.

Photos of the automated Võiste Aiand: